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MUSHAxKUSHA is making undefinable and unique music.

Painting images out of stories, and visions out of music.

Brendan Canty (Fugazi, The messthetics)


​9th Full Length Album

Dawning sky, Whispers shadow

All songs are available on BandCamp


01. Stigma Play on Youtube
02. Agitating in the Darkness
03. Deracine 
Play on Youtube
04. NOAH aground on the rocks
05. Flower of Stray Grasses
06. Katydid
07. Big Mouth
Play on Youtube (MV)
08. Midnight Sun
09. A Thousand Sorrow
10. Some Lies
11. Smoke


Co-PRODUCED BY Tetsuya Ueda、Satoshi Ishijima

RECORDED BY Shoji Ando (Fenice)
MIXED BY Takuya Hashimoto (Tokyo Recording Co., Ltd)
MASTERED BY Hiroshi Shiota (Tokyo Recording Co., Ltd)

MUSHAxKUSHA was formed in 1997 by Ikeda who plays a four string guitar and provides vocals, and Umehara who writes lyrics and dances as an expression from Kochi, Japan, where the last Samurai died out. The lyrics - based the idea of punk spirit as literature and old-fashioned melodies influenced by Japanese traditional music- were composed by the current members, who gathered in 2016. They are very well known and popular in the Japanese live houses, as they have played more than 2200 times in venues and live house all across Japan, and they are considered a very important band of the Japanese underground music culture. 

Above all, this band has unique live performances that are impossible to describe if you haven’t seen them. If you come to see MUSHAxKUSHA live, you will be so overwhelmed by the striking and powerful visual performance that you won’t know where to look and a really tough vertical groove.

It's like a real mixture of Japanese tradition and American HardRock music culture. 

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